My Danny Boy: My Alamo

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Defeated by a cause I couldn’t win

Chapter one: How We Met

My story starts with a phone call from a boy who knew me as a friendly cop who picked up kids skipping school: a Truant Officer for the Juvenile Court in my city. Ron called me to talk about a friend of his named Danny. Danny had run away from home several days before. He was in hiding and was depending on school friends to provide him with food and sometimes shelter. Ronnie didn’t know how to help Danny that much, but knew Danny was both hungry and was sometimes sleeping in a wooded area that was probably dangerous. He didn’t want to call Danny’s parents or the cops. Nor did he want to be known as a snitch. Danny and his friends would not like him much if they found out he turned Danny in. Ronnie knew helping Danny was the right thing to do but needed it to remain secret. He informed me Danny was to meet up with his school friends at a drug store after school that day. I would have to sneak up on him. If any of the kids there recognized me, they would let Danny know and he would disappear. The drug store had a luncheon area. Danny would meet his friends there. I was known there. This would not be easy, but I promised Ronnie I would give it a try.

I arrived at the drug store along with the dozen or so kids that stopped there to chat and get a snack after school. Most of them lived in the neighborhood and attended the same middle school. I had checked the “Missing Children List”. Sure enough, Danny’s name and a photo were on it. Luck was with me. No one had recognized me as I strolled into the store. I drove an unmarked city car, but some kids could spot those too. I spotted Danny sitting at the lunch counter with a few kids all in their early teens. They were to busy chatting to notice another person sit down at the other end of the counter. All but the waitress. She had served me before, and had seen me pick up another youth there a few weeks before. Fortunately, she just took my order, then nodded toward Danny. She had been around long enough to know he was dirty and hungry. I nodded a “yes” to her as she handed me a cup of coffee. I was ready to make my move. I laid my badge on the counter along with Danny’s picture from the runaway list.

A young teen girl looked curiously at Danny’s picture and the badge next to it. Pausing as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, she looked up at me then suddenly turned to her friend sitting next to her and pointed at the badge. Danny was sitting at least four seats down. I watched in disbelief myself as each teen turned to look at my badge and then stared at Danny who, believe it or not, was bragging that he was now missing for four days. The cops had not found him. Usually such a feat by a teen would have been applauded, but the counter was quiet. A friend patted him on the back pointing at the police badge. Danny’s reaction was instant. He bolted toward the door about the same time I got a hand on his arm and informed him “You are under arrest Danny.”

A slight scuffle ended quickly. Danny looked at me almost pleadingly. I could see tears welling up. Teens hate to cry in front of their friends.

“You got a choice Danny. I can cuff you now or we can walk to the car, but you got parents who are probably scared you are hurt, dead, or in trouble. We can call them at the station.”

Danny made one last effort to break loose. That did it. I had little trouble cuffing him. He made a brave show of being led away, but it was clear he wasn’t going anywhere. Some of the other kids knew me. And I think most of them knew Danny needed some help.

Danny was a thirteen year old with scruffy medium brown hair and brown eyes. He was a little small for his age, a mischievous face that had a smirk on it, but somehow made you wonder what was going on with him. He just didn’t fit the image of a tough guy. He was putting on a show for his friends. To help him out, I warned him the boys at the Juvie detention center would have him for dessert. There was a rumor the detention center was filled with older teens who used new boys for sex. It was only partially true, but it was true enough that boys as cute as Danny were popular as dream boys. An older boy would not hesitate to show Danny what he would get given the opportunity. Danny had more to fear from the adult staff than other boys though. He would be strip searched, then put in a room separate from the older boys. Truth is the runaways are usually sent home until a court hearing. They might be there for a day or so. They would definitely get an ear full about what boys in jail do for sex.

It was a scared quiet little boy who sat in the back of the car on the way to the police station. Now that the others weren’t there, tears flowed down his face. He was still cuffed, so he couldn’t wipe his eyes. I started up a conversation to find out why he ran away from home. He wasn’t willing to talk about that. He sniffled quietly and tried to hide his face. After a few minutes, he asked if he could use the bathroom.

I knew it would only take fifteen minutes to reach the station, but wanted to get to know Danny better. I pulled in to a restaurant where I ate a lot and knew the manager. As we went in, I asked Danny if he could use a bite to eat since he would probably not get booked in time to make supper at Juvie. I knew he was hungry. After ordering burgers and fries, I took him to the bathroom. Since he was still in cuffs, I explained to him I would have to help him take a leak. He was anxious to go, so he agreed to let me take it out so he could go. He also had a mischievous smirk on his cute little freckled face. Not a smile. A smirk. Looking back, I think Danny saw a chance to find out how far I would go.

I latched the bathroom door as we went in. Danny and I stood in front of the urinal. I unzipped his fly. Then I reached in opening his white briefs and pulling out his little three inch uncut toy and aimed it at the urinal. It had stiffened as I held it. Danny giggled that it was hard to pee when it got stiff. But he had to go bad, so only a few seconds later he let go. I held on to his dicklet aiming it for him. It was something I wanted to do although I knew this was really risky. I didn’t know this kid.

I’m Sure I did not let him down. With his hands cuffed behind his back, Danny watched as I held his dick steady until the stream began to slow down, then stop. A few more short spurts as he emptied the last of his piss. I stroked it a couple of times to clear it, but then I gently stroked it as it quickly sprang to life becoming harder and stiffer. Danny acted on instinct arching his waist forward and humping the fingers wrapped around his dick. Instead of pushing it back into his pants, I got a pretty good feel, then reached inside his crotch to feel his ball sac. It was dropped, but still small. He was just starting to get pubes. I backed off, and zipped him up. Danny looked up at me not sure if I was willing to go any further, but smiling.

I pulled out the key to his cuffs and asked if he would promise not to run if I let him eat his dinner without them. He agreed. I let him clean his face and hands while I washed up. Then we walked back into the dining area and were seated.

Danny ate everything on his plate, and was surprised when I asked him if he would like some pie while we talked. This time he had no one to impress by acting tough. He told me his step-father had hit him. That was why he ran away from home. He was afraid he would get a beating when he went back. He had stole something from his home. And he had skipped school. He admitted he deserved being hit. I had a feeling I wasn’t getting the whole story, but I was certain Danny was afraid of his step-father.

I disagreed with him that his step-father had the right to hit him. We could take that up with the police. Danny didn’t want that. His dad was military. Trouble with the police could get his dad kicked out of the service. That would ruin the family. He didn’t want to lose his father. He had never known his real father. Most of the time his step-father was really nice to him.

So I tried a different approach. I would take him home and we woud talk to his dad. I would warn him about hitting his son. I would also agree to visit the home often to find out how Danny was doing. If he was attending school and doing good, we could go bowling, or to the movies, or just spend some time together.

Danny smiled at me. That melted any desire I had to turn him over to the system. He knew better than I did he had me. He knew I wanted him- and he knew why. Judging from the look on his face and the sudden agreement to accept my rules, I should have known Danny was more than willing to play games with me to get out of trouble, but I didn’t have a clue that this kid was way ahead of me. Danny was a pro when it came to getting adults to take up for him.

I called Danny’s step-dad to tell him I had Danny and he had agreed to accept some rules if I would not turn him over to the court system and the law. His step-dad told me this was not the first time Danny had run away or been in trouble with the law, but he was more than happy to try again to work things out with Danny. When I got there, he agreed not to punish Danny if we could change the boy’s rebellious attitude. Once again, I got the feeling that there was something between these two they didn’t want known. He denied he had hit Danny, and did not seem upset that I was going to check on Danny often. I discovered that Danny also had a half-brother about three years younger. When I got up to leave, Danny jumped up and gave me a tight hug maybe a little too tight and too long.

A few days later, I called Danny to see if things were any better. His mother was very pleased with his attitude. Danny chatted that he had been accepted well - no punishment. His little brother got on the phone and wanted to know what crime he could do to get me to pick him up. Danny had told him about our deal. He would bring his grades up to, if he could go with us to movies and stuff. We had a deal. And his mom wanted me to come to dinner on Friday night. I accepted. After several weeks, Danny’s family and I were good friends.

One Friday night, I was taking Danny, his best friend, Lenny, and his brother Kenny out for bowling. His parents were planning to go dancing and drinking. Mom had an idea. Why don’t I just stay the night? Then they didn’t need to worry about getting home in time to be there for the boys. Sounded fine with me. And we were off to go bowling.

After having a great time with the boys and roughing it up a bit so that we were pretty good buddies by the time we headed home, we were pretty tired and it was late. Plopping down on the sofa, I suggested Kenny get a shower. We would get ready for bed, but I would let them watch TV for a while once they were ready for bed. Danny reminded me that Kenny always had to shower first. Kenny whined but headed for the shower. To my surprise, Danny and Lenny slowly striped out of their outer clothes. Wearing only their briefs, they laid flat on the carpet watching TV. Lenny was the same age as Danny, but a little heavier. He had dark brown hair and dark eyes. Both he and Danny had a beautiful bubble butt that I just couldn’t keep my hands off of. I had been rubbing and grabbing those butts all night, but in a friendly petting way. Now I was sitting behind them staring at those butts and secretly rubbing my stiff dreaming of what I wanted to do with those two boys. Not a chance, I figured. Not the two of them. Maybe one day, I would get another chance to fool with Danny, but not with Lenny and Kenny there.

Suddenly I spotted Kenny walking back toward us. He was totally nude. He carried a towel tossed over a shoulder. And he was still soaking wet. And shyly smiling.

“Dad always dries me off after my shower, then puts me to bed.” Kenny told me.

I was now staring at a beautiful ten year old nude with a two inch stiffie standing in front of me waiting to be dried off. Danny and Lenny rolled over on their backs looking up at me and then at Kenny. Both were smiling. Both had obvious tents in their white briefs. I was a little surprised that Lenny’s bulge was not only larger than Danny’s, but his briefs were tighter. The legs were lifted and partially open. When he rolled over on his back, I got a look at one of his balls hanging out. I could also see the outline of a shaft clearly showing size and detail. Both Danny and I noticed it. Lenny smiled, but did not move.

 I must have looked stunned. I was stunned. This just couldn’t be happening. I was loving it, but I wasn’t believing it. Two teens lay on their back in front of me allowing me to look them over. A nude preteen was asking me to dry him off. And no one was objecting.

Taking the towel, I started with the hair, still dripping wet, then slowly worked my way down taking my time. I made no pretense that I wasn’t looking at every inch of his body, or that I wasn’t impressed. Even with Danny and Lenny still watching, I tenderly dabbed the bare area around the crotch, pausing more than once to take a good look at his cute little cut dicklet and his tiny ball sac; then I had him turn around so I could take a close look at his butt. He was a little too young for me, but that didn’t keep me from flattering him that he had what it takes and would be a great lover one day.

 Kenny loved the attention, but looked a little disappointed that I thought he was too young. That wasn’t going to stop him. As I finished drying him, he made sure he was close enough for me to pause to play with anything I liked. He pushed his hips forward to wiggle his stiff little weinie for me and giggled that it felt fun when I dried it. I fondled it for him. He surprised me by looking at the bulge in my lap, then he sat on it and wiggled as if feeling it up before trapping it between his butt cheeks to rock back and forth on it. That caused me to make some gasping sounds as I turned beet red.

It was probably at that point that I let my dick do the thinking. Having a cute butt sitting on my dick causing it to go rock hard was more than I could accept. It was also more than Lenny could accept. He pulled his undies down to his knees to fondle, show off, and stroke his five inch thick dick. It was clear he did this often. Lenny was an early adolescent. One who had an audience. Danny, Kenny, and I paused to watch. Lenny suddenly realized he was being watched. He stopped stroking, but left it exposed. This was not the first time he had an audience, but probably the first time a cop was watching. His dick was pretty big for his age, but he was losing confidence that I thought so.

Danny quickly followed Lenny’s move, pulling his undies completely off. Kenny slid down onto the carpet, then quickly unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick, and held on to it as if he had just found a new toy. He was on his knees in front of it. I was to shocked to resist. After everything else that had happened in the past fifteen minutes, it was clear I was not in control. I wasn’t sure who was. Kenny had made the first move, but was he put up to it? If he was, he didn’t mind. It took only minutes for him to lean forward and start licking the head of my dick. It was not the first time he had done this.

Danny disappeared for a minute, but soon returned with a bottle of lotion. He also suggested I should get undressed. I knew I was in for some sex. It was to late to be cautious. I had already crossed the line. If I was going to jail, I might as well get something out of this. Besides, I was so horny, I wasn’t about to back off now. The clothes came off. The boys were more than willing to help once they knew this was going to be a sex thing.

Kenny had found another dick to lick. He had turned to Lenny, and was laying between his legs. Lenny had lost the undies. He lay back moaning as Kenny bobbed up and down on his dick. Danny sat next to me, both of us nude, and we kissed before we lay in a sixty-nine, both fondling, then engulfing the other’s dick. I had no trouble handling his dick and his balls while he slowly engulfed the head and maybe half of mine. Both of us seemed to enjoy the taste of the other. Danny had a four inch uncut shaft with just a light dusting of brown fuzz at the base of it. His balls had dropped, but were still growing. He had a small body size, not that much bigger than Kenny.

What he lacked in size, he made up for with skill and passion. I was no giant in the dick size, but I was very proud of my seven inch thick shaft. Danny handled it like he loved the dick and the way I thrust it down his throat. There was no way he could have been having the thrill I was, but you wouldn’t know it from the way he vigorously moved it in and out as I did my best to work it over with my tongue. The two of us held each other tightly as we sucked, licked, and worked each other over. There was no need to pretend we liked each other. We seemed to love what we were doing and who we were doing it to. It ended way to fast. First Danny let loose with his small sweet tasting load. I tried to pull loose from Danny to let him know I couldn’t stop now. My balls were bouncing like mad anxious to let go their sperms. But when I tried to pull back, Danny held tight. It was to late to discuss the matter. I blasted away. It seemed like a huge load that just kept coming. Danny swallowed and held on for the next volley. He drained every drop I could produce - then sucked like that wasn’t enough. I finally pulled away and turned around to hold him, hug him, and kiss on him to show rather than tell him I loved his talent. The two of us held each other breathing heavy and resting.

Only then did I realize what had just happened. I couldn’t believe I had been so dumb as to have sex with a thirteen year old boy in front of his best buddy and his younger brother in the living room of their own home. And the whole thing was a set up. I could see my future flying out the window.

I sat up to look over the scene one more time before we were done. Lenny wasn’t finished yet. He had Kenny knelt over doggy style. He was pounding away at that small looking butt sticking up and filled with a long slender shaft sliding in and out of it. Kenny was resting his head on a pillow rocking back and forth in rhythm as Lenny did his best to pump his load inside him. Both were making strange sounding purrs of pleasure. Judging from the way they were sounding, this was not their first time. I had to wonder just how long had this kind of sex been going on, and with who.

I didn’t have much time to wonder though. Danny had been making good use of the lotion laying on the floor. He had worked it around his backside, then went to work greasing up my shaft. I was to far gone now to think. I knew what was coming next, and I couldn’t wait. As soon as Danny was ready, he lay flat on his tummy with his legs spread waiting. I turned him over and raised his legs over my shoulders. Then as he watched amused, I placed my dickhead at the small tight opening and paused so he could see what I was doing. Danny raised up enough to watch as I pushed forcefully to gain entrance. He grunted, but pushed back at me and opened up. He watched as the shaft popped inside. Then I paused to let him get adjusted to it. Danny had been there beore. He pushed against me to let me know he was ready. Ready? He was wanting it. And he was loving watching it slide in. We took it slow. Danny had never watched any one ease in before. He had always been on his stomach. It’s hard to watch a dick sliding in and out when you are trying to look over your back. He was loving this.

He wasn’t alone. Lenny and Kenny had finished their game. They were now laying back on their elbows wondering why they hadn’t ever thought to screw face to face. They were even more impressed when I was all the way in and was pausing to kiss and hug and make out with Danny before working over his insides with my dick. Danny’s loud and strange moans told them that he was loving this new way of making love rather than just screwing. He had never known being a bottom could feel so good for so long. He had totally given himself over to me. Whatever I wanted to do to him was all right with him. All he wanted to do now was hold on for a great time. Kissing and hugging was fine.

He loved the way I sucked on his ear lobes. Not only did it tickle; it made him want to wiggle which caused his little butt to push and pull my shaft so many different ways that every time my shaft rubbed against his g spot, he would feel new strong electric currents run up and down his spine making his toes curl and his body want more. Danny was in love with me and what I could do to his entire system. And I fell head over heels in love with this bottom that loved what he was doing. I knew I was not his first, but I didn’t care at the time.

I don’t know how long we played with each other not caring who was watching or what we were supposed to be doing. Only when I couldn’t hold out much longer did I turn to the job of claiming Danny as mine by planting my seed deep inside him. I gave him one last kiss before raising his cute little butt enough to pull back and start thrusting long hard strokes that caused him to rock each time I rammed it to him. Danny sensed I was finishing the job. He looked up at me with a smile that told me this was definitely not the last time we were going to be doing this. When I blew my load, it seemed like forever. And when I finished, I felt completely exhausted. I lay face to face with him kissing and telling him I wanted him. At that moment, we were agreed on that. We were one, both in mind and body.

Lenny and Kenny had caught the whole thing. They laid back to give us time to rest. I’m pretty sure both were also taking mental notes too. What they had just watched was way too intense to be just another sex thing. Lenny was macho enough to realize he might have trouble with the kissing and hugging stuff, but knew that to be a good lover, he had to get more passionate. He had also wondered what it would be like to bottom. He had never tried that - or even wanted to until now.

And little Kenny had just watched his big brother put on the most coolest sex show ever. Big brother Danny was the most, but Kenny knew he had to try me to find out just how much better it could get. To him, being a bottom was not so much by choice. His size and age meant he was going to be used by boys who wanted to put theirs inside him. His turn would come, but after watching Danny show him what a bottom could do, he wasn’t sure he minded it. He kinda liked doing what he was doing. Especially when he found some one who could make you scream out in pleasure before blasting their load. And the look on his face meant his day was soon to come. The first time our eyes met after we had parted, I could see that mischievous look in Kenny’s eyes. I still felt like Kenny was to young, but Kenny had already shown me he was into sex - big time. Danny or someone else had already introduced him to the game.

That next week was a busy one. Keep in mind that I had other boys I had been seeing. Danny was far from the first boy I had done. Still, I wanted Danny badly. I had no idea what I was getting into.

My first clue came when Kenny called a couple days later. He wanted me to pick him up at a local playground where he hung out. He was waiting in the parking lot as I pulled in. That way, he could leave with me without many people noticing. Kids were always getting picked up there. We had already agreed to go to my place. I knew what Kenny wanted. I just coudn’t believe he wanted to see me without Danny. I would soon find out why. Kenny began getting rid of his clothes as soon as we arrived at my place. He did wait until we were inside, but informed me we didn’t have much time. He wanted to fool around so waiting for me to get around to it was wasting time, he said. He was already undressed by the time I could get my shirt off. And by the time I was undressed, Kenny was sitting on the sofa waiting. Once I sat down beside him, he stretched out with his head resting in my lap, his mouth wrapped around my dick. For the second time, he was bobbing up and down on my dick like he was a pro at this. I just sat there amazed at his skill and loving the sight of Kenny’s head bobbing up and down on my dick. The fact that I couldn’t hold back for long didn’t bother him at all. Kenny seemed to sense my cum load building. When my shaft began to throb and jerk in his mouth, he held on, didn’t lose a drop, and swallowed until I had nothing left to spare. Then he let go, sat up and smiled up at me.

I took the time to hug and kiss him, then laid him back face up on the sofa as I kissed and licked my way down to his short cut little dicklet where I lavished my talents right back at him, licking and tickling him until he jerked and arched up until his dry orgasm left him in his own little world. He only then realized I had two fingers up his butt stretching and working him up. Kenny knew what was coming. He pulled his legs back, pulling his knees up to lift them and to open his buns. I placed his legs over my shoulders lifting his waist to accept me. He waited patiently as I moved into position. Even though I knew what he wanted, I hesitated because I thought he was to young. Kenny seemed to sense this. He wanted me to go ahead, and when I placed my dick at the entrance, it was him that opened up to me and pushed up as I gently and easily eased the mushroom shaped head inside. When I paused, he wiggled his butt around to let me know he was ready. I slowly but steadily slid to the hilt.

Like Danny, he played with me. His butt squeezed and wiggled as I moved around inside him. He kept me busy and thoroughly enjoyed having me in him. No doubt Kenny was the best butt ever for his age. Even though, I had a thing for Danny, I knew his little brother had been well trained, and liked what he was doing. Kenny explained he knew it would take me longer to cum because he had blown me. He loved that. He kept me hard as a rock for about an hour before he had to go home. I know I shot off at least twice. When we did quit, my dick was going soft in his butt even though I was doing my best to go a third time. Kenny laughed and told me there would be time for more. It did not bother him at all that his butt was being abused. In fact, I don’t think he considered it abuse. He liked it.

Kenny and I made an agreement that Danny would not know we had met (or that we planned to continue to meet). He did admit Danny had showed him how to have sex when he was a year younger. He knew Danny had been used by his dad. Lenny got into the act when he stayed overnight and shared the bed with Danny. Kenny had come onto him when Danny wasn’t home. They had later told Danny. Lenny did not bottom, so he often did both of them.

Despite my occasional cheat with Kenny or several other boys I met before Danny, I continued secret meetings with Danny for weeks. We both accused each other of cheating, but were very passionate and somehow still loved each other. There were many reasons why that couldn’t work, but thats another story -yet to come.

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